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Ayate Washcloth

Ayate Washcloth


The hand-woven, multi-purpose ayate exfoliating washcloths (12" L x 10" W) are a better way to scrub, for refreshing and renewed skin. Derived from agave plants, ayate has a naturally coarse texture with just the right amount of exfoliating power for an invigorating wash. You can also put it to work in the kitchen, as a natural alternative to harsh scouring sponges and utility cloths. They're fast and easy to hang dry, resist mold and mildew and can also be washed to prolong use.

Whats in it: 100% natural agave.

Whats not in it: synthetic fibers, phthalates, dyes, BPA, nor anything from formaldehyde.

Its all good; this product is vegan-friendly.

Made in Mexico.