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Ark Journal Vol X : Power of Ten - Anniversary Issue
Ark Journal Vol X : Power of Ten - Anniversary Issue
Ark Journal Vol X : Power of Ten - Anniversary Issue
Ark Journal Vol X : Power of Ten - Anniversary Issue

Ark Journal Vol X : Power of Ten - Anniversary Issue


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ARK JOURNAL VOLUME 10 Is our tribute to the worlds of design and architecture – past, present, and future – which have defined and inspired our journey over the past five years.
For this issue, we delve further into the intersections of human life with architecture and design, uncovering the profound impact they can have on our lives at home and in public spaces.
HOMES: We visit a gallerist ́s penthouse in New York; designer Phillip Lim’s beachside house in Long Island; a historic house in Düsseldorf remade for the artist Su Xiaobai; a brutalist home by Marc Dessauvage in Bruges; and a loft in Copenhagen where everything has a place and is framed to suit a how a life is actually lived.
INTERVIEW: Not radical enough for some, not commercial enough for others, Formafantasma are activists and practitioners trying to reshape the discipline of design from within.
INTERVIEW: Tadao Ando believes home is the most conflicted realm as it exists closest to human life, and for him it is the very foundation or origin of architecture.
INSERT OBJETS: we showcase the collection of the American designer Jack Lenor Larsen, who amassed objects both pedigreed and anonymous. His collection speaks to a wide-ranging interest in craft cultures around the world. Styled and curated by Colin King and photographed by Martien Mulder.
SPACES COPENHAGEN: As expressions of personality and portraits of their inhabitants, four apartments blur the life within and without.
LIVING ARCHITECTURE: The revolutionary and revelatory private home of designer Bruno Mathsson.
CASE STUDY by Pernille Vest: Perfectly imperfect, unpolished edges and raw materiality reveal simple perfection.
ARCHIVE: The ethereal light sculptures of Isamu Noguchi inspire and illuminate, transcending debates and categories.
STUDIO VISIT: In the Marche region of Italy, Henry Timi has built a workshop like no other, austere and yet sensory.
At Ark Journal, we believe that our magazine is more than just a publication; it’s a celebration of the beauty and simplicity that defines Scandinavian design and architecture.
We have upgraded the paper and have gone all out to ensure that this tenth edition becomes a true work of art and a coveted item for collectors.