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Brands We Love: Iris Hantverk

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Brands We Love: Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk was founded in 1870 and was run by visually impaired craftsmen who lived across Sweden.

In 2012, Iris Hantverk lost its access to government subsidies that helped them employ visually impaired workers. As a result, the previous owner put Iris up for sale.

Two people, Sara Edhäll and Richard Sparrenhök put up their mortgages to buy the company. 

Iris is currently made up of seventeen people in Sandsborgsvägen, Enskede (Sweden), six of their employees are visually impaired craftsmen who have learned the craft of making brushing according to old Swedish tradition, additionally, Iris now works with visually impaired craftsmen from Estonia as well, as a solution to their loss of government subsidies. 

Their vision is to revive the traditional brush binding profession. By making functional products with good design combined with the quality of natural materials and the craftsmen's solid technique.