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Designers of History - Johannes Andersen

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Designers of History - Johannes Andersen

There are few names in Scandinavian furniture that have received the same recognition as Johannes Andersen. If you've been following our shop for a while now you know that we have been honored to restore a few of his designs. 

Born in 1903, Johannes Andersen like many big names in the game, underwent a formal cabinet making apprenticeship. In the mid 30's, he started his own architectural workshop where he created the designs we love today. Johannes was inspired by creating functional pieces that are also extremely pleasing to any onlooker.

He took special attention to how a piece of furniture may be used, making sure it was comfortable and accessible. Additionally, his designs are iconic for their unique rounded or softer edges and shapes - creating something new for the eye. 

We love his designs. We hope you do too.