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Care Instructions

Let's take care of that beautiful piece, and it'll take care of you.

Teak pieces with oil finishes
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Teak a very durable but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Tell the kids to use a coaster
Try not to leave anything damp or wet on an oil finished teak surface. If something is spilled on the piece, wipe it up as quickly as you can until completely dry. Wet glasses and potted plants can be stinkers if left unattended on teak wood.

Making hot dish? Use hot pads.
Do not put any hot cookware on your dining table directly. Just as with moisture, this can cause permanent damage your piece. Bummer!

General Care
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Teak oil finished pieces need to be re-oiled to replenish drying wood, which brings life back to your piece. Oil as often as you’d like, but typically every few months. If it looks dry, oil her up! We use Watco Teak Oil (on coffee table and dining table tops) and Watco Danish Oil on all other pieces, 0000 Steel wool, and a good cloth or industrial paper towels.

1. Apply the teak oil with the steel wool. To do this pour some of the oil onto the piece and lightly spread with the steel wool. Do not rub too hard, or try to force the oil into the wood, it should be applied in a smooth motion WITH the grain to avoid any scratching.

2. Leave the oil on the piece for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. DO NOT DO THIS IN THE SUN. The oil should not get tacky to the touch, if it does you will have to clean it off with Mineral Spirits and start the process again.

3. Completely wipe the piece down so there is no oil to the touch left. Afterwards, you may see some spotting or sweating which is the oil coming out of the wood, simply wipe it down again to get rid of it.

Water or Burn Mark
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At first, try using a small amount of teak oil on a cloth and rub it into the marked area. Typically this will take care of most minor issues. If not, you can use steel wool, in the manner described above. If the mark still persists, please contact us.

Upholstered Pieces
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Nearly all of our seating has been reupholstered with new foam and or webbing/support. Most of the upholstery we use is Danish wools. Please reference Kvadrat and their intensive care instructions for further information. You can also find your exact fabric on Maharam’s site for specific care instructions for your upholstery.