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Sheepskin Seat Covers
Sheepskin Seat Covers
Sheepskin Seat Covers

Sheepskin Seat Covers



Your sheepskin is a natural product and if looked after properly you will be able to enjoy the comfort and softness for many years to come. Sheepskin fibres stick together and flatten down while shipped. After receiving your rug give it a good shake outside to awaken and lift the wool fibres. Your sheepskin is a natural, recently tanned brand new item so it will have a fragrance that will diminish with airing, usage and time. This is completely normal. If you need the fragrance to go away faster, try sprinkling with baking soda, waiting a few hours then vacuuming. 

Take your sheepskin outside once a week and give it a nice shake to remove dust and dirt. Brush with a common pet brush if needed.

If your sheepskin rug is placed on a high traffic area, clean more often as this will aid in the longevity of its lifetime. 

Do not brush your rug if it comes in an original curly state, as this may relax the curl.


Spot clean - start with water then use a gentle soap if needed. In special cases, use a sheepskin specific detergent - mix with water to create a foam, take a clean cloth and rub away any stains. In all cases, use a small amount of water.

Do not use rug until it's dried completely. Always dry naturally - Do not dry on radiator, tumble dry, nor place in direct sunshine.

Wool detergents are not recommended for washing as they may contain chelating agents, phosphates, alkali, bleach, phosphoric acid enzymes, etc. All are harmful to leather and should not be used. 

Using a washing machine is not advised.