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Little Likes Kids Joyful Carousel Jumbo Puzzle - 24 PCS

Little Likes Kids Joyful Carousel Jumbo Puzzle - 24 PCS


Educational toys that represent cultural and ethnic differences accurately and clearly to children can be hard to find. That is why Little Likes Kids has made it their mission to provide, fun, interactive, and colorful toys that represent children of all backgrounds interacting and playing together. This powerful message is communicated through the eye-catching original artwork we use to create each of our unique puzzles and matching games.

The Joyful Carousel puzzle depicts children of different races all smiling and riding on a merry-go-round. Each child rides a fun animal, which is sure to fascinate and spark questions from inquisitive children. As kids build this puzzle, use it as a teaching moment to educate about the importance of playing together and being kind to one another.

You can even use this 11" x 17" toddler puzzle to teach kids about animals. Although this educational tool is intended for preschool-age children (ages 3–5), it works for all kids above age 3.

In addition, it conforms to US ATSM safety standards. Jigsaw floor puzzles are a great way to get children excited about and engaged in their own education from a young age. This package contains 24 extra-thick puzzle pieces that are easy for little hands to manage, and it comes in a sturdy, rope-handled box.

Each of our puzzles are eco-friendly and printed with nontoxic inks.

Little Likes Kids is a women-owned, certified-minority business founded by a mother who wanted toy options for her son that reflected his friends and his experiences. Each unique puzzle's design uses bright and playful images to represent diversity, fun, and love, making these puzzles excellent classroom supplies for preschool and kindergarten teachers. These puzzles teach in a visual-spatial manner, specifically catering to hands-on learners and providing children with a clear picture of what different families are like and how each one is beautifully unique.