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Fart Whoopee Cushion X Hi Art!

Fart Whoopee Cushion X Hi Art!

$10.00 $4.00

One of the greatest pranks of our lifetime is the whoopee cushion, it never disappoints. Especially when it's been custom designed to pay homage to pop art. Who (f)arted?!

About the artist
Hi art! Takes the museum souvenir and reinterprets it as a fun and collectable educational tool for all ages that draws out modern and contemporary art history movements, artists, design and language. The ideas that shape and influence culture become bite-sized and digestible for the curious everyday art lover.

Making art:
- Accessible
- Educational
- Collectable

- Printed rubber
- Age: 3+
- 29cm x 11cm (11.4" x 4.3")