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The Golden Age team is passionate about finding you the perfect piece. Unique to the Twin Cities, we approach vintage in a way that honors the designer's original intent. Minimal and calm, the shop lets the furniture breathe and gives you a good sense of what it will look like in your space. We love your feedback and are continually trying to perfect the shop experience. 


Bill Kurth
Showroom Manager & Owner

Bill deserves an honorary master's in 20th Century Design. He's the guy all the other guys come to when they have questions about an obscure piece, and he happily shares that knowledge with any and all who walk through Golden Age's doors. His knowledge extends heavily into the workshop. His "signature" is on every piece that leaves our shop. You want a perfectionist working on your 60-year-old sideboard. Punk rock t-shirts and tattoos are Bill's MO. He'll quickly become one of your favorite people. He's the real deal.


Kara Kurth
Creative Partner & Owner

You can call Kara the original plant lady. She makes sure the shop is verdant all year round with plants bursting from every corner. With a true passion for connecting, Kara is dedicated to filling the shop with beautiful pieces from artists, makers, and cool companies from MN to Norway. If you need help laying out a space, have a question about upholstery, scale, or a persnickety spot in your home that needs some love, Kara's got you (fist bump).


Matt Pauly
Customer Service Manager

Matt started off helping Bill with whatever needed to be done around the workshop and quickly gleaned the knowledge needed to run the showroom like a pro! As Bill's right hand man, Matt has the know-it-all to help you select the perfect piece for your space. With a love of design and passion for quality customer service, Matt is always looking for ways to make your experience at Golden Age Design a fun and memorable one.


Bethany Ashun
Visual Merchandiser & Interior Stylist

Ever since she was young, Bethany had a fondness for spaces. In middle school and throughout high school, she arranged and rearranged her bedroom multiples times weekly to find whatever spoke to her that day. This is where it all began. What drew Bethany to interiors is not only the appreciation of beautiful and functional objects but how they relate to spaces and the guests that fill them. Be it a modern figure or a timeless diamond in the rough, she delights in the idea of finding a balance in the two and creating a relationship between them. To her, it's about orchestrating a scene and letting it speak. Giving it a platform to say whatever you like, with no boundaries. This is the challenge that Bethany is thrilled by. Pick her brain. She's eager to help.


Joel Ashun
Workshop Team Member