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Turkish Striped Bath Towel

Turkish Striped Bath Towel


Bath towel
Size: 35 inches x 70 inches (90 cm x 180 cm) - without fringes
Weight:2.2 lb / 900 gram

Handwoven in authentic jacquard black loom
Luxuriously soft
Extremely fluffy
Longer than usual hand and bath towel size
Supreme quality fabric
100% organic long staple turkish cotton
Lint free
No mildew smell quick dry
Washes well
Highly durable
Long staple turkish cotton makes the towel much more absorbent, softer and durable than typical hand towels. Perfect fit as a hand towel, face towel, guest towel, kitchen towel, and bathroom towel. These turkish cotton hand and bat towels could be used bathroom decor especially for boho or vintage style. Would be a great gift idea as well.