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The Honey Boat
The Honey Boat
The Honey Boat

The Honey Boat


A lady garbage collector? Who uses a boat? Yes, that's Ellie, and she's a salty Yankee who charges around Edgartown Harbor in an old catboat, taking no nonsense from visiting skippers in their shiny yachts.
When Ellie doesn't appear one morning, her friends begin to worry, and when people begin to get mysteriously sick, even the Mayor takes up the search. What they learn is that garbage can pollute a harbor and conservation begins with every boat owner properly depositing their trash.
This introduction to conservation for children was a Junior Literary Guild selection and reprinted twice in an anthology. Partly fictionalized, it gives a true account of Ellie's important work and is republished by popular demand. Early reader–ages 5-8.

Hardback binding.
color illustrations.
48 pages.

Author's bio: Author Polly Burroughs lives in Edgartown, Massachusetts, and has promoted her love of Cape Cod through her books about its history and people.
Publication date: 2008-07-14.

Made in China